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Gold Trading online
With the increasing development of the Internet and network, many gold transactions have also moved online. However, many relatively older investors are still used to offline trading, so they will consider whether online gold trading is reliable. So is online gold trading feasible? This article will introduce to you. In addition, novice friends can refer to and learn about the introduction of gold trading.
Is online gold trading feasible
As we all know, the biggest advantage of online gold trading is convenience and quickness. When investors trade gold online, they can trade at any time according to their own needs, which can not only save time, but also accumulate relevant experience.
In addition, when gold trading is conducted online, investors will get industry information more timely. After all, gold trading pays great attention to timeliness. Investors can not only get the most valuable news through the Internet in the shortest time, but also grasp the best time to avoid missing the opportunity to seize the favorable market.
Of course, if investors want to be more reliable when trading online, it is important to choose the right platform. We should know that some black platforms in the domestic gold market have made a lot of deceptive gimmicks in order to attract customers, so that some investors who love to take advantage of small advantages can not resist the temptation to choose these black platforms. Therefore, investors can choose a good platform that is formal and legal to make their gold trading on the Internet more secure.
To sum up, as long as investors choose the right trading platform, investing in gold online is a good investment and financial management channel, and online gold trading is relatively a reliable choice.
What is the introduction to gold trading
Master basic investment terms. New investors must master the most basic trading terms, such as the definitions of long and short and leverage, in order to have a preliminary understanding of gold electronic trading. In addition, gold investment inevitably involves technical analysis, so investors should read as many relevant articles and books as possible to understand what is the K-line form combination.
Familiar with operating software. After being familiar with various transaction terms, we should apply the theory to practice. At present, the mainstream gold traders will provide free trading software. Being familiar with the operation of the software is the key to making profits in the future. Investors should practice repeatedly. Novice investors can also accumulate valuable operating experience through continuous practice with the help of simulated accounts provided by service providers.
Cultivate trading sense. The so-called market sense is to have a comprehensive grasp of the law of gold price operation, including the changing characteristics of news surface and price technology trend, so as to be transformed into trading strategy and finally reflected in trading profits.
This paper focuses on the problems of online gold trading, and also briefly introduces the introduction knowledge of gold trading. In short, website gold trading is the trend of the times, so both senior investors and novice investors should face up to online investment trading. In fact, online gold trading has many obvious advantages. Novice investors should not only learn the basic knowledge, but also keep up with the pace of the times.
Forex platform
If you want to invest in gold futures, you need to open an account in a gold trading company. There are many domestic gold trading companies, most of which are gold trading companies in Hong Kong. So specifically, what are the well-known gold trading companies and what are their recommendations? This article will introduce you to the relevant situation of gold trading companies. Investors can make specific choices with the content of this article.
What are the famous gold trading companies
Jinrong China Finance Co., Ltd. Jinrong China Financial Industry Co., Ltd. is approved by the Hong Kong government and regulated by the Hong Kong gold and silver exchange. It is mainly engaged in London gold, London Silver, RMB kilogram and other precious metal businesses. It is the highest level of AA in Hong Kong gold and silver trading.
Guosheng Gold Industry Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Guosheng gold industry group focuses on providing professional financial investment services to global investors. Holding AA class trading license of Hong Kong gold and silver trading center (clerk 15). All transactions are subject to the supervision of the trading field and the control of Hong Kong laws.
Jindao Precious Metals Co., Ltd. Jindao Precious Metals Co., Ltd. is a member of Jindao Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (Jindao group). It holds a valid Class AA business license of the Hong Kong gold and silver exchange, mainly engaged in 99 gold and Hong Kong dollars, London gold / silver and RMB business.
Lead Peak Precious Metals Co.。 Lead gold precious metals Co. is a registered dealer of gold and silver trading market No. 145. It has the highest level AA trading license and 999.9 gold casting certificate recognized by the trading place. All transactions are recognized and regulated by the gold and silver trading market and governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
China's formal gold speculation trading platforms are mainly concentrated in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong gold and silver trading field is a formal trading place for precious metals such as gold and silver in Hong Kong. Class A and class C members in the trading field support London gold trading. As for the detailed list of these formal London gold trading platforms in Hong Kong, investors can log in to the official website of the trading market.
Recommended by gold trading company
Jinrong China Financial Industry Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of the Hong Kong Government in 2010 and is supervised by the Hong Kong gold and silver trading field. It is the highest level AA banker in the financial company of the Hong Kong gold and silver trading field.
Guosheng Gold Industry Co., Ltd. is the highest level AA banker in the Hong Kong gold and silver trading market, mainly engaged in London gold / silver, platinum palladium contract trading, RMB kilogram bars and other precious metals business.
Jindao Precious Metals Co., Ltd., a member of Jindao Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (Jindao group), was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2009 and holds a valid business license for AA market transactions in the Hong Kong gold and silver trading market.
Lingfeng Precious Metals Co., Ltd. is a registered clerk at No. 145 of the gold and silver trading center. It holds the highest level AA trading license and 999.9 gold smelter certificate recognized by the trading center. Trade Gold, Silver, and Platinum ...It can legally engage in London gold / silver electronic trading and trading of 99 gold, Hong Kong dollar kilogram bars and RMB kilogram bars. All transactions are recognized and supervised by the gold and silver trading center and controlled by Hong Kong laws.
We can see that there are many gold trading companies. These companies have good and bad, so investors need to analyze and judge when choosing. These gold trading companies mentioned in this paper are well-known in China, so they are relatively formal and reliable. Of course, each gold trading company has different advantages and characteristics, and investors should make specific choices in combination with their own needs.
Trade Gold, Silver, and Platinum
Gold spot is a very popular futures variety. Now more and more investors invest in gold spot. Of course, gold spot trading has its own rules, and investors must follow these rules when trading. For investment veterans, these rules have long been well understood, but for novices, there will be some problems. Therefore, this article will explain to you the mechanism of gold spot trading and the basic knowledge of gold spot trading.
What are the mechanisms for spot gold trading
1. Gold spot trading margin trading system
Margin trading is leverage trading. Investors who participate in spot gold trading only need to pay part of the margin in proportion. For example, if the leverage ratio is 1:100, it means that investors only need to pay 1 yuan of margin if they want to participate in spot gold trading of 100 yuan. The margin trading system greatly reduces the transaction cost and investment threshold of investors.
2. Gold spot trading 24-hour trading system
There are gold exchanges all over the world, so the spot gold trading market has formed a 24-hour trading mechanism, and investors can trade from 08:00 on Monday to 03:00 on Saturday. Among them, the trading from 20:00 PM to 24:00 PM Beijing time is the most active, which is in line with the work and rest rules of domestic investors.
3. Gold spot trading T + 0 trading mechanism
Gold spot trading adopts the buy and sell mechanism, and investors can buy and sell at any time, but the list bought during the trading time can be closed at any time. Therefore, the liquidity of gold spot trading is relatively strong.
4. Gold spot two-way trading
Spot gold can be bought up or down. No matter whether the gold price is up or down, investors have the opportunity to make profits as long as they choose the right trading direction.
Fundamentals of spot gold trading
Gold spot trading account opening. Although opening an account is simple, it is very important. If you don't choose to enter an illegal company for trading, gambling, eating and trading may occur, or even fraud and money flight. Therefore, investors must choose a formal gold exchange member unit, and those cooperative institutions with so and so members are illegal transactions that are not protected by law.
Gold spot trading order trading. Gold Trading online After the investor signs the contract, the member unit will apply for the trading code for the investor in the Shanghai gold exchange. This process usually takes one to two days. After the code is finished, the investor can transfer the funds into his own capital account in the member unit to place an order for trading. Shanghai Gold Exchange also implements a daily debt free clearing system. Investors can log in to the corresponding website to query their transaction bills after the market closes every day.
Spot gold trading needs to understand the technical indicators MACD, RSI and ball, and also need to learn to analyze the face-to-face news of the spot gold market. When trading, you should set a stop loss, control your position, and maintain a good attitude, so as not to be affected by profits and losses. Gold spot physical delivery. If investors do not choose to close their positions for hedging before the last trading day after opening, they must carry out physical delivery of gold spot.
On the issue of spot gold trading, this paper focuses on the mechanism of spot gold trading and the basic knowledge of spot gold trading. It can be seen that the rules of spot gold trading are well understood, which is nothing more than the trading mode and trading time. However, if you want to get more return on investment, investors need to master not only basic knowledge, but also more investment skills.